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Noa Cohen

Individual psychotherapy

Phone. 052-6709633

 Levontin 12, Tel-Aviv



Nice to meet you :) I'm Noa, a Tel-Aviv based therapist and am currently a Ph.D. student specializing in family dynamics and childhood trauma. 

I offer individual therapy in Hebrew/English.

As a researcher of family relations and interpersonal trauma, I'm a big believer in breaking free from harmful interpersonal patterns, and the power of a positive therapeutic relationship that is based on mutually open and honest communication. I believe that every person deserves to live a fulfilling and happy life. I believe in intuition, individuality, and tailoring the approach to the specific and unique needs of each client.

Please feel free to contact me however you feel comfortable (phone or e-mail) and schedule an appointment.



Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, Bar-Ilan University (2011-2014).

M.S.W., Tel-Aviv University (2016-2019)

Ph.D, Tel-Aviv University (2019-present)



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